Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My Path

Well, foster care is quite a ride.

I'm real tired. Somehow God gives you baby amnesia as they grow up. You painlessly forget all the messy and draining parts and only remember the sweetness of a baby.

She's up a lot at night and naps very little. Good thing I've already had two kids like this. Otherwise, I bet I'd be calling her worker and sending her on.

Except, that now I'm in. I'm into this insane thing called foster care. And once you're into it, there's no going back.

We're just beginning to hit challenge. I know that we have an "easy" child here. I know that my challenges so far are minimal. I know there is harder stuff and more difficult children to come. There are moments I stop and wonder why we've started this. But I also know, there's no stopping.

You look into their eyes, past all the garbage and see a child. Then you pour out your heart and begin again.

There aren't words to describe the foster experience and have it make sense.

It isn't something that makes sense. Something not sane or rational makes you choose this path.

I think the path was chosen for us.

Today, it's the path I'll be walking down.


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