Thursday, February 1, 2007

Thank You Doesn't Cut It

There are people that come into you life and bless you in ways you never expected.

I am currently in the midst of several new friends like that.

They do things that are nothing short of spectacular in my life. One insists on taking some or all of my children. Another always calls at the perfect moment to offer to do some chore for me or bring things to me. And yet another, literally on the other side of the world right now, emailed to tell me I was in her prayers.

It's humbling to be the center of that. It's an honor. I'm amazed to think I mean that much to these people that they go out of their way for me.

And I know that I'll never repay it back as good as it's been given to me. I'll never have the right words or the perfect gift to tell them how much it all means.

On a day that felt like a ball of yarn unraveling as it bounced down the stairs in a week that feels like a cat in the washer, it was and is nothing short of perfect.


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