Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy Birthday To The Mr.

And welcome home too.

There are times I envy his time away from the chaos that is our day to day around here and then I hear the travel tales and I'm happy to stay home.

I'm not sure I could have been polite through the whole flight with the large lady next to me...

Wednesday was a full and busy day. As always.

Yesterday was full and pretty fun. The storms cleared up overnight and we had sun and blue skies.

Looks like today will be a repeat.

Yippee for Spring!

Seems to be a long time coming in this part of the country and when it gets here all of life blooms with it. It seems to bring smiles and conversations with it, banishing the winter grunting.

The Mr. arrived home last night to very sleepy boys and the end of a home party.

Yup. I was the happy hostess to one of those home business parties. Really, it was quite fun. I like to be the hostess, I like to attend. I hope the other ladies had fun. I think I just like socials.

Happy Birthday Mr.

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