Monday, April 2, 2007

Today and Everyday

I'm always thinking that things are going to settle down and slow down around here.

Not so, my friend.

Busy as ever.

We had a very full weekend. Lots of friends. Church hopped a bit. Quite a fun night.

The week ahead seems as though it will be quite full as well. We've already made our 4th trip to Children's Hospital to finish some tests for the Little Miss. This better be the last one.

Today's excitement at Children's involved ABC gum. The Littlest Mr. found some stuck to the bottom of a chair in the waiting area while I was in the exam area with The Little Miss. Somehow, he managed to have it all over both hands, his face, the chair and his legos.

I was thankful to have a full supply of diaper wipes and hand sanitizer in the diaper bag.

Ew. Ew. Ew.

We're off to get everyone new shoes and library books today. The Little Miss will have a family visit. Tomorrow will be yet another art and gym class. It's almost over for the school year. Yippee!! Wednesday is another Dr. appointment, piano lessons and AWANA. This weeks AWANA requires, in my opinion, a little too much home work for the moms. A backpack--for each child--filled with items representing the whole alphabet. Easy for The Little Mr. to do on his own, a struggle for the Littlest Mr. Thursday will be my small group at my house, swimming lessons and another family visit for The Little Miss. Friday we will take off to the Dells.

Picture this trip if you will. My family--The Mr. and I plus our 3 Littles, joining my sister-in-law and brother-in-law plus their 5 Littles. All at a waterpark for the weekend. Hmm. I think it will be exhausting and tons of fun. A fabulous kid memory.

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