Friday, June 29, 2007

40 Years of SummerFest

Summerfest is still cool. There is just so much to see--people watching wise--that it's worth the money. Then there's the music.

Last night we enjoyed four different bands or performers, five if you count the ethnic band that never stopped. All the music was great in it's own right and the crowds were funny too.

The most unbelievable moments came thanks to the group I'll be calling the Boomer Bullies. Clearly this was their first Summerfest experience.

Lesson one for the Boomer Bullies. All concerts viewed at Summerfest are not in fact viewed as much as they are participated in. Most people stand during the music, on the ground, the picnic tables or the bleacher seats. If you want to sit and watch a concert, pay the money to see them somewhere else or buy the DVD and sit at home in your leather recliner.

Lesson two. They stand, dance and drink at the same time. So, spills happen. Get over it. Be thankful it's only a spill and not vomit. That also happens at Summerfest. If your clothes are not wash and wear, you shouldn't be at Summerfest. Or maybe, you just need a drink of your own.

Lesson three, similar to lesson one. Summerfest is audience participation. If you want to really hear the music, buy it and listen at home. The crowd sings. The crowd cheers. The crowd laughs. Maybe you should try singing along.

All in all it was great fun. We enjoyed our night out. Although my own lesson from Summerfest is this: When you are responsible for children, even if you don't drink too many, it is darn hard to go to bed at 2:30 and get up to be a cheerful momma at 5:30!! A pot of coffee, a few aspirin, lots of water and unlimited TV do help though.

Our night wound down with the end of the REO Speedwagon concert overlapping the start of the fireworks. We strolled across the grounds, snagged some more snacks and finished the night with the best of the Violent Fems. What's not to love there? We also caught the 80's segment of Pat McCurdy.

Our night was sort of like a high school reunion. Only better. We had all the great food and music, plus drinks and none of the classmates. It was also one of the very few times The Mr. and I have ever been out in the city doing anything and not run into any people he knew. Very, very fun.

Here's hoping for a slow, quiet and peaceful day over here.

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