Friday, June 8, 2007

The Big Day

Earlier this week I tried to make a post with pictures and failed. I'm so not technical. I can barley figure out the scanner to get the photo into the computer. It will be weeks before I figure out how to get the photos back out.

I know, I know, just go digital. I suppose it would solve my problem. It just isn't a big enough problem for me to really care. Plus, I don't have that much extra cash lying around to spring for one of those newfangled gizmo's.

Well folks, today is the day. We all survived the big storm that never really hit in our area. Other parts of the state have been leveled. The morning paper said 9 tornado's touched down making a nice path across the state. We also had hail from golf ball to baseball size. Here in my neck of the woods we had rain. One huge crack around 11:15, but that was it. I'm sure it was lightning hitting somewhere near.

Tonight I'll be wearing the magical outfit. Finally. I hope it will all be worth it. I'll be out on a date with The Mr.

I'm also looking forward to a weekend with no plans. It's been a while since I've had one of those. It should be wonderful. Off to enjoy the day and the weekend.

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