Saturday, June 2, 2007

I Did It...I Shopped

For me it is awful. Almost unbearable. Painful.

And that's just the parking lot.

From there I entered The Mall. Not a pleasant thing. So much noise. So many people. So many trendy outfits not intended for this 30-something mid-western momma.

I really wanted to zoom in, go to my chosen store, walk up to the racks, grab a few items and hit the changing room. I wanted to pull on the duds, be amazed at myself in the mirror, hand over my credit card and be home by 8PM. Oh so sadly, it was not meant to be like that for me.

While shopping in The Mall, I realized a few things. I'm not trendy. I'm not fashionable. I'm not hip. I'm not under 20. I don't like to part with our money for clothes. I don't much care that I'm not hip, trendy or fashionable.

A dear friend told me to enjoy my shopping trip. After a few fitting rooms, my plan was to abandon the mall, wear something old and ucky from my closet and hit the local custard stands instead. As I walked to the other end of The Mall where I'd parked I could hear the rain and thunder. Yes, inside over the noise of The Mall, I could hear rain. That motivated me to shop a little longer.

Low and behold the perfect outfit was found. I'm a total geek. I picked out blue Capri's and a white polo from Land's End. A white purse and white sandals. Some silver jewelry. Perfume. Another lovely in my life told me these things are part of buying a new outfit. Accessories count.

The total just about made me vomit, but at least the dressing room mirror didn't.

Later at home I realized I could count up the last three times I'd bought anything near a total outfit. It's been two funerals and a wedding. All three outfits have never been worn a second time. Sadly, it's a multi-year time frame. Almost into the double digits. I have a real problem spending money on myself.

So anyway, the trauma is over. I have the outfit. Now I can get back to looking forward to our night out. I actually like the outfit enough that I'm excited to wearing it.

More birthday's this weekend. The Little Miss turns 1 on Monday. We are planning to celebrate a little for her this weekend as Monday looks to be a pretty full day. That's the best part of being 1 though, you really don't mind if you celebration is on the exact day.

The Little Mr. will have his birthday on Thursday. He is going to be old enough to understand that we can't always celebrate on the exact day. Our week is very full. He has graciously agreed to get his gift early--as in last weekend--and have his celebration day on Wednesday when our family calendar is less full.

God bless all three of The Little's.

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