Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Scheduled Insanity

This is a week traveling at the speed of light, or at least the speed of my life.

This afternoon I was "interviewed". It seems we are about to be the featured foster family of the month.

A little silly if you ask me. We truly don't do anything special.

I'm looking forward to a busy few days and may not make it to the screen to share it with you, but I'll try. Just in case I don't, I'll give you a quick schedule.

Wednesday--Little Miss visits dad, Littlest Mr. has last morning of VBS, Little Mr. has piano lessons, Foster family picnic, ladies night out at Fox River Christian Church--guest speaker, a DJ from the FISH radio station.

Thursday--Grandma comes to visit, The Mr. and I attend opening night of Summerfest, Grandma stays overnight.

Friday--Grandma goes home, The Mr. goes sailing, The Littlest Mr. goes to the YMCA

Saturday--I go to a little ladies brunch thanks to my stamping lady, then it's off to church

Sunday--I think I'm going to be catching up on all the stuff I forget to get to this week and the things I don't have time for

Monday--Dental D-Day, take two

Then, we're rapidly approaching the 4th of July. I can hardly believe it.

As it is, I just realized last night, that The Little Miss has been a part of our family now for 5 months. I never would have believed it could be both this simple and this hard, or that the time would really go by so quickly.

I'm working on a thinker piece right now vaguely on the topic of families, kids, relationships and everything else wrong with the world. Look for it to come in the near future.

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