Tuesday, July 3, 2007

So You Didn't Want To, But Here You Are?

Dental drama is mostly over. I finally have the last set of teeth in. They look pretty good. Natural almost. I'm hoping for a quick end to the headache that came along with them.

So today, I had yet another conversation with some moms that really left me speechless.

Two separate moms. Both sitting in front of me saying that they had never really wanted to have kids. What?? OK. How did you get past that to actually having them?? OK. So now you're struggling to "do the mom thing" and be happy doing it. If you never wanted to have kids in the first place what made you think you'd enjoy being a mom once they were here?

I think it's just the reality of the whole thing that's too much for people in our instant gratification culture. Being a parent is darn hard work, even if you have an easy kid. It is dirty, exhausting, time consuming and expensive. It takes sacrifice. You can not be an even mediocre parent without giving up some of your selfish ways.

Yes, I'm calling modern American selfish. I'd go further down this path, except that I have a headache and don't want to think that hard or get that worked up over it.

The best part of this conversation this morning? They asked for my opinion on several very specific mommy topics, but went on to interrupt me and never really listen to my answers. Why bother to ask the questions if you don't really want the answers?

Makes you wonder, it does.

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