Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's All Good

It's been busy as usual around here.

We've met with the case worker and the legal aide. I've still got the forms to finish. That's a must do for the weekend. They have to hit the mailbox by Tuesday morning.

We hung a new light fixture in our dining room. It took great effort, but looks terrific. The price was right too. My neighbor is about half way through her pregnancy and getting really nesty. She had to have that light out of her house before she lost it. I remember that feeling well.

Even without a pregnancy I get a little cleaning crazy every 6 months or so. Just ask the boys. I've recently gone through their room of toys with the big box of trash bags. It's lighter and cleaner now. I'm so much happier with it, but what a project.

We also started school yesterday. It was crazy! I went from just teaching The Little Mr. to teaching both Mr.'s and having the Little Miss underfoot. Let me tell you, she does not like the school thing. Her plan is for the whole world to revolve around her at all times. How dare we sit at the table and ignore her! If it weren't for the playpen, I'd have no school books left to use today!

It was a great time though. It was a challenge to be sure. We all have to get back into the groove and remember that Mom means business during the school hours, but I think it will be a great year. I have high hopes this year. It was also probably the best school day we've had in a year or two, so that helps too.

In spite of baby girl and a trip to the library and the legal aide visit we managed to stay on track with the assignment sheet, if not the actual schedule. That's the secret to my schedule. I write it in pencil so we can change it as we realize how things will really work around our lives instead of how we'd ideally like them to go.

Off to school. Time to find a dinner. I must get The Little Miss ready for a visit to her mom.

I almost forgot.

How could I?

She took her first real steps on Sunday!

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