Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Heard There's a Trend

I heard this is the season to blog about food and books so since I've already left the soup on the table, it's time for the reading list.

This is what I have lined up for 2009 so far.

Bible--I read through cover to cover in 07 and it was huge, not as in pages, huge as in impact. Then I spent 08 thinking that I really should have planned to read through again. So, that's the thing for 09, read it through again.

Soul Revolution--by John Burke. This is the 60-60 book. So far I'm liking it and thinking about a way to do the 60-60 in my own life.

iLead--collective authors. I'm working my way through this one on leadership in youth ministry. So far what I like best is the stand alone factor of each chapter. I can read a chapter and then put it down for a while without issue.

Scarpetta--by Patricia Cornwell. Just a guilty pleasure. I've been reading her books for years and especially love the Scarpetta series. I waited for a while to get this one, but gift cards mean you don't really need to wait for the paperback.

World Without End--by Ken Follett. Just for fun. Another one I've been waiting on for years. I loved Pillars of the Earth and so I've waited and waited for the paperback and now I have it! Unrelated but interesting, I don't like any other books by Follett.

I'm sure there will be plenty more, but for January, this seems like a good start.

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Karies place said...

I wish I could stay awake long enough to read my stuff. I tend to just read stuff online. One day I may be able to read what I like without falling asleep. lol