Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just My Opinion

This struck me as wrong this morning in the paper. I know it really isn't, but still.

It seems at the local college you can take two classes about homeschool. The first one at least makes some sense to me, but I'm wondering why you wouldn't just gather this information from your fellow homeschoolers or your homeschool group. It is a class to encourage you that it is possible to homeschool through high school and how to keep records. All of the different homeschool groups that I've been a part of in the last 5 years have offered this in some way, shape or form. It was sometimes very formal with a speaker being brought in. Sometimes it was very casual, a gathering of more experienced homeschool moms meeting for coffee at someone's house to encourage and teach younger moms or those getting ready for the high school years. I know that there are also sources on the web and plenty of books at the library not to mention what you can order.

That brings me around to why on earth would you pay $100 a couple to hear this. That would so not be the way of the homeschoolers I know. Almost all of us are pretty darn careful about where and how we spend our dollars and if there is a way to gather this information and learn cheaply or for free, we're all over it.

There is also the issue that there really aren't too many people that pull their kids out of public schools or private schools right before high school to begin homeschool. And, most home school families I know are bent on learning. It would just be one giant research project for everyone. The teachers(moms & dads) are learners at heart or they wouldn't be homeschoolers.

Now the second class for $100 per couple...can I homeschool? What about socialization? Phy Ed? Science? Math? Writing? All the "hard" subjects? Curriculum?

I'm telling you, I don't know a single homeschooler who wouldn't take the time to really talk t0 a newbie or parent with serious interest in persuing homeschool on any of these topics. We're all willing to talk about the hot topic of socialization. We're willing to share and often show what different curriculums are all about. We're good at knowing where there are resources to help with teaching a subject you feel uncertain about. We know the rules about homeschooling in the state we live in. And back to the library and the web, there are tons of resources out there that one could access for a whole lot less than $100 bucks! Even if you bought a few of the books, it would be less. I'm still guessing here, but I'd say if you're interested in homeschool, you're also a person whose willing to put in the work on behalf of your kids. That means you'd be willing to do a little learing yourself to get the job done well.

Oh well, what do I know. I'm just one of those mom who has managed to homeschool my kids for a few years now without ever taking a college class that told me I could do it.

I'm guessing the collge won't be offereing these two classes for too long. I would be surprised if you could even fill them once.

People spend their dollars in crazy ways these days.

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Karies place said...

Most interesting. The only people I know that would do that are families who send their kids to public school. They would probably be about the only ones who would think that way. :)