Monday, January 26, 2009



We have gotten the jury and our trial is in process.


Today is one of those days we are going to wait anxiously, but faithfully.

The Mr. is away on business, just an easy overnight, but as we texted this morning we realized the weight of the potentials kept both of us awake last night.

We are both hoping we get the jury but at the same time hoping for another delay.

Getting the jury would mean the start of the end to this crazy waiting to see what will happen with Little Miss. We will learn what will be her forever fate. Will she remain with us always or will she be moved along to the next place.

In our hearts, she will be forever ours.

A delay of trial would mean a continuance to this insane wait, but at the same time,it means more time. More time with Little Miss. More time without a decision that leads her to a life somewhere else.

In the end there is little more we can do than wait faithfully, knowing that God will handle this all according to His plan. We can wait in peace knowing that our part has been done for now.

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