Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Week For Little One

For most of us it was just a plain old regular week. Cold and snow, school and chores, life in general.

For our smallest family member it was a milestone week. Little One got the hang of sitting up, improved his getting around skills considerably and cut his first tooth. He's not quite crawling, but sure makes his way around fast. He stays sitting up for a long time if you start him out that way and is making fast progress to getting there all on his own.

As for the tooth, well, just like any baby and his family, we're all thrilled that it's finally through. It was a long week of Tylenol for all of us. His tooth ache gave a lot of us a head ache or back ache from holding a fussy baby.

Little One is more than thrilled to be as mobile as he is. It's a sort of army crawl featuring his strong little arms. Soon enough I'm sure he'll be up in a full crawl. I've also caught him looking at furniture and working at pulling up to standing.


I remember being stunned when The Littlest Mr. got mobile so early. And then Little Miss somehow took me by surprise.

Once again, I'm thinking, wow, so not ready. Somehow, Little Miss, at a very lovely shade of 2-ness is not helping me keep the place very baby safe. She seems to be the master of finding all the dangerous stuff and leaving it enticingly around for Little One.

You'd think by now, baby number 4, I'd have it together and be a real child-proofing pro, but it's a little bit the opposite. I think I'm just a lot less afraid of things happening than I was a decade ago. That and a whole lot better at washing things and people.


Karies place said...

I sure miss chatting with you and now miss getting to know a new member of your family.

Shelley said...

Wow, is he really that old already. It seems like last month that I brought food for his arrival...time is sure flying!