Friday, March 6, 2009


All I can really say is how happy I am to have made it to Friday.

This was some week.

I did manage to get that super stroller put together and it is a blessing. 2 seats with 5 point harnesses is golden with 2 kids under 2. It's easy to push and wasn't too hard to assemble. It would have been great to have had an instruction manual in the box, but whatever. I'm sure I'll soon figure out how to transition it to all it's special positions and fold it up. I can fold it down, but it only seems to fold up half-way. Right now it takes up the whole back of the van. I'm guessing it folds flatter, and I'm just not seeing how that goes yet. It is insanely heavy to lift into and out of the van, so that part is not great and I'm really feeling it today.

We've made it successfully to every one of our appointments this week. We were even on time to most of them. We got some good results at some of them. Over all, pretty good.

But, I'm still glad to be done.

I'm also feeling real blessed. Even though my kids aren't perfectly healthy, they aren't battling for their lives right now, and I, as a Mom, am not trying to cope with the potentials. Even for the faithful, that's a long hard road to walk.

Hug your kids. Try hard to see the blessing they are even when they're single handedly destroying the house and being as crazy as they can be. Tell them you love them, even when you're not really liking them. Pray for them, even when you don't have the words.

Pray for Hollyn. Pray for Andrew. Pray for all the kids who are sick and suffering and fighting for their lives. Pray for all the kids stuck in the system, lost and lonely. Pray for the orphans and those no one wants to adopt.

It's a big scary world for a kid.

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