Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter is About Jesus, The Day After is About Candy

I hate to say it, but I'm going to be a wimp as a mom. I'm going to just them eat the candy like crazy fools for the next few days just so that it's gone quickly and I don't have to deal with it. They actually brought home more candy from Easter at grandma's than they got trick-or-treating.

The Little Mr. totally had his heart in the right place this morning, even if his timing was for the birds. Literally.

Little One has croup. So it meant some sleepless nights around here.

After listening me complain about being tired, Little Mr. decided that I needed breakfast in bed. A great thoughtful idea, except that it was 5AM. And dark. And I was sleeping!

Oh well, what's a mom to do.

In other notes, Little Miss has poured out a bucket of bubbles and eaten more candy than both the boys. She's gone head over handle bars on her brothers two wheeler. Little One is pulling up everywhere and getting mighty brave about crusing.

Egg wars are full on over here. So far Littlest Mr. seems to be the big winner. We've done eggs twice now and he seems to have the touch.

Making eggs with a 2 year old and 2 boys means that not a lot of our eggs were "pretty". Most of them were a strange muddy brown color and had smashed shells. We also had alot of hand drawn egg characters. Littlest Mr. especially wanted to draw faces on his eggs, pirates and such, but at one point he reduced himself to fits of giggles.

"Look Mom" he gasped between fits of giggles.

Want to know what I was looking at?

An anitomically correct boy pirate egg.

Laughing even harder he chokes out, "Look mom, he has a butt crack too!"

That's life with boys I tell ya, that and toxic shoes. I've banned certain pairs to be left outside or in the garage.

We had a very fun visit with everyone yesterday and even made it home without a barf. I wasn't so sure we would make it, but we did. The boys and Little Miss, ate tons of candy before we even left our house to go to grandma's. Then they ate more candy there, and chips and desserts and sodas and juice and maybe they ate some dinner. Who knows? Each boy got a trash bag when we got in the van for the ride home, just in case. We didn't get very far before The Littlest Mr. had huge hiccoughs. I was worried, but there was no barf last night.


Yeah, it really is the little things.

So far this morning, they wanted to start in on the candy at 6, but I managed to put them off until 8 and got some chores out of them too. I am so mean, I required them to dress, clean up faces and teeth, their room, and do the floors on the main floor all before getting the candy. They split the floor chore. One picks up all the stuff and one does the vaccum and sweep actions.

After finishing the chores, they broke into the candy. The Little Mr. ate a bunch and stopped on his own. The Littlest Mr. reached a point, half a chocolate bunny in his mouth, chocolate drool on the side, where he finally had to just go spit it out. He's too much that one. Little Miss just keeps going back piece after piece. She has tremendous capacity to eat the stuff. Scary, really. But soon it will be over with.

As for myself, tomorrow I'm off to the dentist and the eye clinic. I'm guessing my age will show and I'll have some sort of cavity or cracked tooth and have to make the cross over to bifocals. Oh well, I guess it all just goes with those wrinkles and gray hairs my kids are so fond of pointing out.

Soon enough we'll be looking at another court date for Little Miss, although for now, I'm choosing to not spend much effort thinking about it. Too much wasted energy. God's got it. I don't need to worry.

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