Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Episode # 379 of Toddler Jack*#%

Same show, just with nursery rhymes for dialogue.

In today's episode, Hey Mom once again made the fatal mistake of leaving the 2 year old Little Miss unsupervised for mere minutes.

Hey Mom thought Little Miss was still at the table with her older sib, Little Mr. He was deep in yet another book and she could have given him a hair cut without him noticing.

Instead of doom music, there was a sweet peace in the house.

That should have been a huge alarm bell with flashing lights, but no, Hey Mom was lulled by the quiet, her senses dull from lack of sleep, the caffeine buzz long gone as the dinner hour approached. Hey Mom was feeling content, accomplished in fact. Laundry for 6 was nearly complete after 10 hours of sorting, stain treating, washing, drying and folding. There was one clean load left in a basket on top the washer, just waiting to be hauled up stairs, folded and put away.

Dim the lights, this is where disaster strikes.

Little Miss was helping to clean up my laundry room.

Wondering how she helped?

First she sprayed the nice, thick, soapy, stain treatment on everything. The washer, the dryer, the walls, the floor, that last load of clean laundry...


yes, there was more help,


she used the swiffer sweeper as a sort of cleaning rifle.

When Hey Mom came around the corner, Little Miss had that sucker hoisted on her hip and was busy pressing the button. A nice steady stream of cleaning fluid coating everything.

Hey Mom is now doing laundry again. Things in the laundry room are quite shiny and slippery. The rug is in the trash. Little Miss is on time out until Hey Mom is done with her own time out.

Breathe in, count to 10, breathe out, repeat the mantra, she's only helping.

Hey Mom is certain she will find things for the next few weeks that need to be washed again.

Hey Mom is also certain that those 12 bar rags she used to clean the walls, the washer, the dryer, the floor, etc. will NOT need any soap when she washes them and they will need SEVERAL extra rinse cycles.

This episode is currently unavailable for your viewing pleasure, but enjoy the transcript.

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Karies place said...

ROFL!!! Of course it probably wasn't that funny at the time but..