Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Folly

This is what I did today.

And, you know what, it was fun. It was really fun. The other moms were amazing. What great company for such an awful hour of the morning!

Just a few stats from this morning.

4 very busy moms. 3 hair stylists. 1 make up artist.

13 children between us.

3 moms with 4 kids each.

3 moms with special needs kids.

2 foster moms.

I almost forgot, being on TV makes you notice things about yourself too. For example, that one's face is very crooked! Although, for being half rebuilt, not too shabby, I think.

Lots of laughter!


Anonymous said...

What I noticed most was what a gorgeous voice you have! It made me think you ought to be on radio, or reading books on tape or something!

I thought you were beautiful - and you looked so comfortable and totally "you!" So which mom only has one child? Which moms did you like the best?

Did all the kids come?

Love you

Jen said...

You are sweet. No, none of the kids came. Johanna had only one, but I think her child had the most severe special needs of all. Johanna and Jennifer were wonderful. Antonette was very quiet and elegant. She was so beautiful even before they made her over.