Friday, June 12, 2009

Time to do a little blog catch up. It's been a bit of an insane week. A few things pleasantly exploded around my life. I like that. The baby started walking, is teething in earnest and just plain cranking and not sleeping. So 3 nights with an hour or so of sleep slowed down the writing. Then we had 2 days of non-stop overlapping commitments which meant I lived in my van. Not a terrible thing, but it's a lot of time behind the wheel.

In the gap I thought of this post several times this week.

Stupid Stuff I Hear Myself Saying

We don't lick swing sets.

Only tinkle IN the potty please.

Use silverware.

This is not an episode of Free Willy!! Get some clothes on.

Put the swing set down.

Do not play Frisbee with plates in the house. Please.

Don't bite the dog.

It's not okay to head butt.

Don't lick the dog.

Stop head butting metal poles.

We don't eat books.

After a shower you are supposed to use a towel.

Put the swing set back.

The dog doesn't eat mango's.

Why is the bathtub full of wash clothes?

Do not blow bubbles in the house.

Side walk chalk is not a food.

We don't pet babies. They are people not pets.

Sheets are not the same as canvas. Stop drawing on them with felt tips.

Brushing your teeth involves putting the tooth brush INTO your mouth.

Dogs don't like closets.

Clean clothes are not a punishment.


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Debbie said...

We do blow bubbles in the house, but only the non-spillable container types. We call those in-the-house bubbles. I am keeping track of one liners I hear myself say for an eventual scrapbook page. My favorite: that is not an udder.

Thanks for sharing your lines.