Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Highlights

* blistering sunburn thanks to Saturday baseball
* using at least 4 of the jumbo size band aids on the same child
* giving in and turning on the air
* surviving an ant invasion
* fire pit
* most of the father's happy for most of Father's day
* moved the kids allowance into the neighbors house and their garage sale into ours
* pregnant rabid raccoon, 'nuf said
* thunder storms
* baby shoes still at church
* 2-3AM prime rocking chair time with captain teether baby
* mama got to cook--highlights at the end
* filled 4 or more trash bags from the kids rooms & play room, slow & steady
* front row seats to the neighbors remodel, landscaping looks great, new patio door today, free entertainment for the kids
* iced coffee
* watching TinkerBell with Little Miss while she wore her fairy wings & held her princess wand
* thinking ahead to 4th of July, anyone else see those Paula Dean chocolate chip cookie smores with grilled bananas??
* drove through the mini flood on Granview Friday night, took the long way home
* brainstormed about my parents 40th---in a few days!!! Yikes!

Okay, the food. Yesterday was steak on the grill, corn on the cob--all good right there, especially with a mostly male house! We had grilled veggies too, foil packet, red & yellow peppers & zucchini, olive oil, salt, pepper & fresh basil. So yummy. Mushrooms & sweet onions sauteed in butter, of course. Fresh salad of ripe tomatoes and avocados, just a little olive oil and salt, lots of fresh basil. Dessert was cheap generic fridge biscuits, baked with a little cinnamon on top. Cover them with this fruit mix. Four fresh peaches, sliced, chopped, whatever. Dump into a fry pan with a stick of butter, a bunch of honey, vanilla, ginger and cinnamon. When all bubbly and yummy pour over biscuits and top with fresh chopped mint. MMM MMM. Still thinking about those biscuits.

A big meal to be certain, but all very light. So we all felt full, but not rolly polly stuffed.

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