Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Confessions...Of A Dork!

Okay, I'm admitting to the whole thing.

I'm super excited by really little stupid things.

Well, okay, they aren't all little, like the van for example. That's big. Real big. But, I'm excited that it's now ours.

It's like a thrown down to God. Okay, we're walking out on faith. Bring on the kids.


But then there are other little things that get me in a tizzy too.

Like a brand spanking new Pick-N-Save grocery store much closer to my home. I haven't seen the inside yet, so my excitement may be short lived, but for now, whooo hooo! I already know I'll be keeping the old one in a special spot, it's open 24 hours you know. Plus it's on my route back from Sam's. The new one though is right next to a brand new Target.

Could it get any better? You bet. The sale flyer came in the mail today announcing it's a Target with grocery selections and a coupon. Yeah. I know. Getting pathetic here. It is a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. See. Sad.

I told you.

Other small excitements lately?

Just today, Little Miss announced she had to "go", took herself and did the deed properly. Alone. So what if she couldn't get that stupid skort back on. Who invented those things anyway?

The Littlest Mr. carried baskets of clean laundry up the stairs upon request.

Little One drank 2 of 4 bottles already for the day.

And Little Mr. Well, he's Little Mr. and lets leave it at that.

But it's all good and I'll take it.

Someday soon, we'll hear something from the county about Little One's sisters, but for now, we'll just get ourselves ready as best we can.

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Karies place said...

Not seeing any dork, just a very excited mom. I'm the same way on stuff like that. Makes life much easier when we have a household.