Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's a List

My whole little world is frustrating me this morning, so I'll have another cup of coffee and whine at you. Just kidding.

Well, sort of kidding.

I'm just getting myself caught in the land of, "Oh my, how could it be August and I have SO much to pull off before September!"

In a way, it's all fantastic, wonderful stuff, but I'm feeling it catch up and nip at my heals.

Some of it is just plain silly. It's my first year getting kids ready to start school in September. In the past I've always homeschooled and we just went along with the flow. We started a little in August and worked our way into full swing by October. We only sort of did a shop for school stuff and never, ever did an official school shopping trip. This year I see the need.

I have at least 3 kids that will need school supplies. Can I confess the supply lists are overwhelming! That's a lot of stuff! I just don't remember needing that much stuff in grade school, or even high school or college. I remember going and buying a 8 folders and notebooks for high school. A few packs of loose leaf and a few packs of pens and pencils. Maybe a bottle of White-Out. That was it.

Clothes was a pair of jeans, a jacket and a new pair of shoes. Oh and the dreaded gym clothes and swim suit. Yeah, I went to big schools, we did swimming as part of P.E. in both middle and high school. (two different cities) Yuck.

I'm making mental lists of both the fun and the "work" stuff I need to handle.

Title the van & get plates. Form sent with money. Check.
Potty train. Hmm.
Call school and start registering a child I don't yet have. Get everyone on board for all her needs.
Find out about forms and fees day.
Get all those school supplies.
Take at least 3 kids shoe shopping for school.
School clothes.
Work out tae kwon do for 2-3 more kids.
Kick team?
Honors Choir.
Remodel the basement.
Move all the bedrooms and game room around.
Sort toys.
Restart therapy.
Court for 2 different cases.
Willow Creek Leadership Summit guest prep & picnic.
20 year reunion & guests.
One more round of tae kwon do camp.
Family camp.
Snappin' End of Summer Thing.
Write that fool speech!
1st day of school.
Labor day & birthdays.
Give that fool speech!
Don't miss any of the Dr. or dentist appointments.
Preschool evaluation.

Then there are the things I'd like to do, like paint all those rooms as we move around the furniture. Read a few books, have some more fun, sleep a little...

Oh well.

So in my mind, I've entered a season of chaos living. It's not really and it's not all that overwhelming. Once it's all down on paper and I can keep it all in order, ha, ha, it's not all that bad. And I know, just like always, it'll all get done well enough.

Sorry you got my lists today, but I couldn't think without getting them on paper and I couldn't make my computer do what I wanted it to do anyway. I was going to give you all a picture view of a day in the life of summer break over here at our house, but somehow it won't let me put it together. Plus I was going to give you a view of the new wheels. You'll just have to click over to the Flikr button and do it yourself.

Ah, well, chaos is calling. Loudly. From the other room. So is a diaper.


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