Tuesday, August 4, 2009

80's Amnesia

My class reunion looms near. This weekend, in fact and I'm thinking it will be fun and I'm going to have a good time.

It's the season though where we all look back and reminisce and look at the present and evaluate and look to the future and dream a little. We have a few vanity moments and second glances of insecurity. Then, let it go.

I've had a few thoughts lately that have made for good thinking, but a mighty serious blog and well, frankly, I just don't have it in me to be super serious all the time. It's not my make up.

So I thought today, I give you my great 80's list. Everyone does it. It's totally over done. You can pull up the lists of 80's pop culture everywhere, I mean, God bless Google, right?

Anyway. I just thought I'd leave for you what parts of the 80's got captured in my memories as I'm looking back and ahead all at once, getting ready to go back and be a part of the Class of '89 once more.

And as a side note, it does ring true, doesn't it? You can never go home again. Not like it once was, you just can't. Our lives are designed to keep going forward.

So my mental 80's montage goes along like this in no particular order other than that's the way it jumped into my mind.

pinned, rolled and cuffed jeans or pants, so tight at the ankles it was stupid
pink jeans
long sweaters and leggings
big hair
Cyndi Lauper
Go Go's
splatter paint clothes
high tops
Quiet Riot
Culture Club
penny loafers
boat shoes with bare feet
the tucked in baggie shirts
shoulder pads
China Beach--what a show
Swatch Watch
Ferris Bueller's Day Off--Amen and Amen
Pretty in Pink
Breakfast Club
one bare shoulder
lace gloves
jelly shoes
lip gloss
Pac Man
Miami Vice
Ray Bans
Magnum PI
Night Rider
Michael J. Fox
Huey Lewis
Tina Turner
Janet Jackson
Duran Duran
Flock of Seagulls--that hair
Twisted Sister
Pat Benetar
Billy Joel
Billy Idol
John Cougar Melloncamp
Tienanmen Square
Shuttle explosion
Cabbage Patch Kids
Ghost Busters
wine coolers
scratch and sniff stickers
spiral perms
banana clips
Guess jeans
Madras plaid
Calvin Kline
acid wash
parachute pants
friendship bracelets & pins
Top Gun
Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Valley Girl Speak
colored mascara
multiple ear piercings
Ocean Pacific
mini skirts
stretch/spandex jeans
slouch boots--man it was hard to give those up
gag me
party hardy
take off hozer--Strange Brew movie ref
Time After Time
driving moccasins
rat tails

80's Things Particular To My High School
pep band
cheerleader vs. pom pom girl aka white bows
jazz band
smokers cage
post football dances in the gym
cheer camp & the spirit award
lunch in the commons
study hall passes from Miles
Miles and his noises
band room home room--the best
marching band half time shows
band trip to Florida
Jazz pictures at the Hard Rock
wrestler's pin tradition--when the wrestler got a pin the cheerleader gave him a pin for his warm up and a kiss
seeing one of the fastest pins ever--Gary R. under 5 seconds I believe
toga day
divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived
D. Dorn
Mrs. T.
Turn About
swing choir's purple satin pants---hee, hee, hee, hee
student parking lot

What a walk through the 80's. I could keep on strolling, but I have things to do in the here and now. Have fun with the memories.

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Debbie said...

Like ohmagod that was like totally fun. You had Mr. Trost for English lit maybe? I totally recognized the King Henry the 8th. So anyway, I'm going to take the seams out of my jeans now so I can get them off, put my shoulder pads back into my bra where I liked them better, and listen to And I ran...I ran so far away...Thanks for the memories, Jen.