Wednesday, August 12, 2009

News Of Girls

No news isn't always good news.

Today is an example of just that. I'm sitting here after spending most of my day at Children's and trying to process some information that I'm wishing I'd never even asked for.

I'm trying to have the most optimistic and peaceful attitude about it all, and in a way, I do.

See, I walk this life not on my understanding but on faith.

So all morning long I've been praying because I know that He will make the path straight. For them. For me.

Especially when I don't understand.

I wish I could say I'm surprised or outraged or crushed or something, but I'm just a sort of flat mixed feelings over this.

We've received word about the girls. I am hopeful that this is simply a very long wait and not a no.

Either way, I'm still walking forward on faith for this is my path. I'm right where I belong.

I will continue to plan and expect them until I know without doubt that they are not going to be here ever.

It's a hard thing to explain and I'm sure to so many of you this particular post today will seem a bit on the insane side, even for me. All I can say is go there with me.

Be brave, build that relationship and we'll see where it goes.

Living a life sold out is an incredible journey and I don't want to miss a breath of it, even the ones that are gasps.

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Debbie said...

Not sure what is all going on, but I will walk there with you. Praying for your strength and wisdom as you continue on the path where only He knows the outcome. Couldn't ask for a better Guide, though.