Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It's been another year. A whole year. Hard to believe they go so fast, but they do. So this year in honor of our 17th anniversary and our 23 years together, I thought I'd do a list of loves and memories and inside jokes.

1. I love that we truly have a song. One of the first times I met The Mr. was at a high school dance. I was dancing with him to play that high school game for a friend, you know the one, go find out if he likes me. Well, Amanda by Boston was playing, and he actually knew how to dance and we were looking at each other and well, I never did get around to asking if he liked her. When it all ended and I went back to my friend I had nothing to report except that he was the one I was going to marry. Yup, just like that, so long ago, I knew.

2. "That was a nice date." "Don't look at me like that." "Get off my hair man."

3. I love that The Mr. listens to me when I talk. He isn't always fully tuned in and certainly has learned that I don't always want things to be fixed, I just need listening too, and that, he excels at.

4. Effective questioning is good for clients, bad for spouses.

5. We still make each other laugh.

6. CPA note cards in the limo on the way to the wedding and our honeymoon CPA exam. To this day, I'm thankful he studied so hard and passed it. It's a big part of why we've never been jobless for very long.

7. I love that long ago The Mr. started going to church with Little Mr. and I "for the good of the family" and for special people that kept poking and praying until it was finished. Amen & amen. God is good.

8. I love that The Mr. insists he does not babysit his own children and that he is appalled by any dad that says that. They are his children too and as he always says, "He's a fully capable dad." It might not come out the way I would do it, like scrambled eggs and hot dogs for dinner, playing outside in jammies or letting Little Miss wear a "fro". Whatever. I'm over it.

9. I love that he does all the "manly" deeds like car care, yard care, bug killing, light bulb changing, drain clearing and taking out the trash. Boy, oh boy, a man that takes out the trash, mmm hmm, you know it. It's a good, good thing.

10. I love all the memories of our times on the island after the Mac Race. The Grand Hotel. The Pink Pony. Dekker. Warrior. Hot stick sammies and Lake Michigan coffee. Checking the race tent. Watching the storms. Praying for the boats & crews that needed cost guard help.

11. I am forever honored that The Mr. chose years ago to leave his position as president of his fraternity to transfer schools and be with me. I know there were other factors too, but I'm still honored.

12. I am thrilled that God has gifted us with almost opposite talents and giftings so that we easily compliment each other and form a team. I'm also thrilled that our passions and discontents are so similar.

13. I love that The Mr. will go out after all the kids are asleep to get a little frozen treat for me.

14. Even though I hate it, I love it that The Mr. takes care of all things money. He makes the budgets, helps us stick to them, keeps us debt free and plans for the future.

15. I love that we crack each other up. We both have off sort of senses of humor, not to reverent about too much of anything and pretty fast to make fun of ourselves and our life. Seriously, if you were an ant on the floor in our place after hours(after the little people are asleep), we sit back in our matching garage sale wing back chairs in front of the fire place and laugh ourselves stupid.

16. Fires. Inside, outside, doesn't matter. Nothing says relax like having a fire, a good book, a good companion and a nice drink. Perfection.

17. I'm thinking the last love is how happy I am that there were so many more than 17 wonderful loves or memories to list and how happy I am to know that there will easily be way more than 17 new loves and memories in the future.

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