Friday, December 11, 2009

She Says, I Say

So I read a lot of blogs and some of them are funny and some are real, well, real.

Anyway, there is one I read that is often filled with beautiful photos and thoughtful words. It is inspiring and comforting. She often pens notes to some of her bigger kids or her family and she often ends with a tag line that I'd love to steal, except it's not mine and it wouldn't be right.

She always says, "Be always coming home."

Every time I read it, I tear up.

I just do.

And I think, I have a similar thought. Work with me here for a moment.

Once you're through the small talk acquaintance phase with me, and that doesn't take long, I'm pretty open, your in the loop. You've entered the group of people to me that are significant.

And it's a quirk or a fault or a gift. It depends on how you see life, I guess.


It goes like this.

My phone always rings and my door is always open.


If I've ever said it to you, I sincerely meant it. It's not bound on the boundaries of acceptable times to call or whether or not you're coming unglued or if your joy is beyond words. It's not.

That phone rings and the door is open.


If you're thinking you've known me just a short while or maybe decades and you don't remember ever hearing my say anything like that, you have. Maybe I've written it to you. More likely, I've whispered it behind you when you couldn't hear me any more, I've willed it to be somehow captured within you. If you're thinking, no not me, than more than any other, yes you.

My phone always rings.

The door is always open.

And I am always here.

For you.


So there. You have it. It's now been said to you.

You cannot surprise me. I won't be shocked. I won't hesitate. I don't judge.

It's just how I'm wired.

1 comment:

Debbie said...

You said it to me, and it means a lot.

Now I'm tearing up. I wish you'd quit making me do that.

And Jen, God will make sure the whisper gets where it needs to. He made the same promise.