Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

The flaky facts of the day.

At WTMJ4 you can sign up to have your schools closing info sent to your phone. I got a tiny little buzz on my phone, under my pillow, early this morning while I was still mostly sleeping. It made it super easy to turn off the alarm and let all the kiddos sleep in a bit and catch just a few extra zzz's.

The school principal will call you on the automatron phone thing at o'6 early to let you know what you already know, in his very deep booming principal voice, "School is closed today because of the weather."



When The Mr. stays home from the office 2 pots of coffee are made before noon.

No complaints there.

My neighbors, who I love, are as mental about the snow as they are about the grass. I sincerely believe they need some more hobbies.

My 3 oldest are making every effort to spend the entire day outside playing in the snow. I released them to the wild this morning at 8. They were ready to go before this, but it seemed like a really rude way for the hood to wake up. Somewhere mid morning they came in to potty and eat. They traded out for dry socks and mittens and returned to the tundra. Early afternoon they again came searching for food, dry mittens, hats and socks. They refueled with chicken noodle soup and hot least I believe there at one point was some tiny bit of cocoa under all those marshmallows...and then departed again to the great hill, I mean, the court yard.

It seems entirely possible that they will remain outside until dark.

I abandoned my cookie plan for the day and stepping over the carnage of having everyone home and doing a few extra loads of laundry. I will get back to the regularly scheduled life tomorrow, I hope.

Just yesterday, I was noticing that life with kids in school is wildly different than life with kids in home school. Different in the sense that the decorating is done. The shopping is done. Half the wrapping is done. I'm almost having a little bit of holiday fun. This might be a year that actually has home made Christmas cookies, although, there is absolutely nothing wrong with holiday Oreo's. Or those big tins of the fancy cookies. MMMM hmmmm. I'd even say those holiday store bought name brand cookies are just as fine as, oh, say, those mini candy bars all dressed up in holiday wrappers or squeezed into festive shapes. Why yes, indeed, I'd venture to say that a bell shaped Butterfinger is just as good as a plain old rectangle one.

And what is it with boys and playing king of the hill? I'm hoping we make it through the season without a trip to the ER, or at the very least, it's a minor trip and not something that leads to an inpatient stay or a nice little surgery. Is that too much for a mama to ask?

Keeping right along with my silly little ramble today will be my comment box question for you. If you're not playing along with me over on Facebook, won't you play with me here?

Remember that really bad old Christmas song? The one called something like My Grown Up Christmas List? Trust me, it's a bad one. Anyway, that's the question, what's on your grown up Christmas list this year? Leave it in the comments, don't feel like you need to identify yourself. On Facebook it's an Honesty Box question so identity is secret. Kind of fun, kind of silly.

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