Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Brief Recap

Not much to tell about the last few days, they've been moving along at their regular break neck pace of insanity.

Just thought I'd pass along some of the more crazy moments, you know, to remind you that my life is just as plain jane as yours.

So this week, not only did The Mr. get a promotion, you know, the kind that changes absolutely nothing about your job or life, other than to give you a new title and more responsibility, but he got fired. Not once, but twice.

And again. The kind of getting fired that changes nothing.

The job stays the same. He just isn't going out to the coast anymore this month. In a way, a blessing.

The other job he got fired from was being a dad to one of our wonderful children. They declared him fired.

Again. This kind of getting fired changes nothing.

But it is kind of fun to pick at him a bit and remind him that he is the only person I know who manages to get promoted and fired in the same week and still have everything be exactly the same.

Next one of my lovely sons decided to go ahead and use all my make up this morning. I'm not sure if he put it on himself before hopping into the shower or if he just decided that the bathroom needed some new color. Either way, not a warm fuzzy sort of morning for either of us.

I'm not a super girly sort of girl, but I don't do life without make up unless I'm seriously too sick to care or some other sort of disaster is taking over my life.

He has a debt to pay, so his allowance has been claimed for the next four weeks and his chore list got a lot longer.

Other wise it's just the same old exhausting weekend before jumping into another busy week. I'm hoping by February to have my home recovered from all it's holiday hoo haa's and get back into a more dull routine, that and get my paint cans back out and get back to giving the place a new look.

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