Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Forever Begins Now

Today, 37 months to the very day, almost to the time that Little Miss was first placed in our home, our very delightful judge said, "You are legally the parents now to this child that you have been the parents of for the last 3 years."

It's been chaos and fun all day long. As evening approaches we're going to try to slide back into normal, because you see, even though this extraordinary thing happened to us today, on a plain old Tuesday, tomorrow is just another plain old Wednesday, filled with school and clubs and sports and case workers and laundry.

That has been one of the strangest aspects of this.

The stress this morning was more complicated than giving birth. I think it has a lot to do with knowing that being pregnant is finite. There is an ending at some point and you have a very reasonable guess as to when. This seemed endless even when we knew that there was a pending end.

It was strange from the point that last night was just like any other. We did our homework and had a regular bedtime. We did dishes and everything else, just like any other day.

Tomorrow will be the same.

Just today.

Unlike having a birth baby, you have that build up, those planned days off to revel in it all.

It was strangely like a wedding, you want to remember every single second, every look, every person present, every word said, but it whisks by so quickly by the end you know you won't remember a single blip of it all. It will be a fuzzy good memory with no details.

We did go this afternoon and get those ears pierced, along with Grandma's, Auntie O's and mine.

Pictures of the day will come along soon enough.


Shelly K. said...

I know just how you feel about the day being a blur! Can't wait to see those earrings! Also, so glad that this happened now and not when Jackie was in her teen years, or you all might be in line at Black Dragon Tattoo!

Shelley said...

What a cool story of hope! Thanks for letting us walk with you.