Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2 Quotes 4 The Morning

nice girls don't change the world....lynne hybels

"The best thing I ever did was tiptoe out of isolation and join the circle of women. We need to choose to believe we are all in this together. We need to accept and honor our own lives so we can accept and honor each other's lives. When we do this, when we help one another, cheer one another on, call one another to our truest and highest selves, we become a powerful force for good--for God--in this world." (emphasis mine) pg 86

cold tangerines....shauna niequist

"When I think about how God make us to live, when people talk about true community or true intimacy, I think of them, this lovely, bizarre group of teenage girls who came over unannounced and never left when they were supposed to, who let me into their fears and their secrets, and cared about my fears and my secrets. They loved me with a force that I think only comes with youth, a wide and fierce and expressive force, and I loved them with that same love, because being with them let me live like I was young.
They uncovered something good in me that had started to get crusted over by grown-up life and dress pants and mortgage payments. They taught me more than I ever taught them, and they gave me more than I ever gave them, and the best things they gave to me were ten gorgeous examples and all the permission in the world to love with that wide-open love, unmeasured and uncalculated, like a puppy in a box with all of her puppy-friends, right up close to them, feeling warm and safe." emphasis mine pg 35

Words to how I often feel about relationships and how if we're really following the command to love one another and we're getting it right, it's a breath taking dance to behold and to be a part of.