Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2

words today 2341
total words 4543

Today held a few surprises.

I actually kind of like my story and my characters.

The stuff I wrote yesterday is almost a decent read.

It might actually see the light of day unless it all takes a turn for the worse, which, considering it's only day 2...

It's fun. There's a sort of writers high that happens when you work that hard to hit the mark and push through the mental doldrums.

The first day is the hardest. Those 2000 words took almost an entire day. Today's words got done in 2 hours.

The outline is hard work. Character sketches are critical.

Outlines and characters get revised. a lot. Even on day 2.

A detailed plot/outline is critical...at least with this sort of crazy deadline.

Planning meals for November would have been a good thing to do in October when I was plotting the plot. Mental note for next year.