Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oddly Enough

God does things I don't expect.


It's good and wild all at once.

So I often have long dry stretches in my life without those close relationships that I long for and thrive in. When it pushes on for what feels like too long to me, I start to beg God, bring me a friend.



Try to look past the pathetic part of that and work with me here.

The point is, I've been blessed recently with a friendship so wide and deep it blows me away. All logic would be against it, our commonalities are few and so on, but it's perfect.

But insecurities run wild in us all, even when we're standing in the face of something beautiful, something that blesses us and so I hear why me? Why trust me? Why love me?

I've heard it so often that I've really thought about it hard.

Here's the answer. It's all in the style.

You come into my corner of the world without judgement or expectation. You simply accept me and love me right where I'm at.

Even now.

Even now, when where I'm at is a little ugly and difficult and cluttered up with tissues and open Bibles and rambling prayers.

You stand next to me and offer silence and it's good.
Unknown by many in life, presence, simple presence is comfort.

It's something so simple and so many believe they are doing this when they are no where near to it, but you do it. And do it with grace and with a love pure and genuine.

Thank you. My whole family thanks you, for you have been something amazing to all of us, not just me.