Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yesterday Was A Week

A week he's been gone.
packed into 3 boxes and gone

A week that I thought would have gotten better each day.

A week that up ended me at every unexpected turn.
today it was the grocery store that took me down

A week where I forgot and remembered and forgot and remembered.

A week of tissues and cleaning and closed doors.
put it all away, out of sight, close the door, not that room

A week of effort and distractions.
keep working, keep appointments, keep busy

A week of oddness and questions and avoidance and denial.
no we don't need anymore therapy appointments, yes fill out your forms and file them where ever you want

A week of finding little bits left here that I thought were gone.
baby mittens in my pocket, nukie pie in the edge of a room, a pair of socks in the laundry

A week of bitterness and loss and knowing it was the right thing to do.
wait for a minute while i put the proper christian wash over this while i tell you the story