Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm not typically silent and wordless this long on the blog, but I thought a refocusing was in order. It's been good in a way and soon we'll be away on our vacation, so by default the blog will be on vacation too. But you know what? It's the gap between Christmas and New Years and you all should be doing something better with your time than stopping by here anyhow. You know, like basking in your friends and family and the love you all share or resting in the presence of God...yeah, that one really works for me.

Anyway. I'm getting tired of digging through Christmas songs and pretty images. Music moves me, deeply. Beautiful images still me. But words, my friends, words are like a breathing in of holy for me. My words, never. Mine fall far short of what I feel but there is beauty there.

I come back around to the constant theme of my life; the glory is in the bittersweet. The constant rub of pain and perfection is what makes it glitter alive instead of unbearable falseness.

In these last weeks so much has happened in my circles.

I refuse to even begin to try to list it all, but I think more tears have been shed in the last two months than in the last 10 all together. Between marriages and children and money and trust and the sheer weight of life in a broken world that serves no one and hurts everyone and fear and sin and loss and loneliness and illness and death and emptiness and, well, you get it.

I know you get it. Right this moment you see yourself in that list.

So for today the beauty lies in the words.