Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Face To The Screen. Fingers To The Keys.

Okay, so it's Wednesday afternoon.  The last post was Sunday.  Where have I been?

Face to the screen baby.  Fingers to the keys. 

I was playing a game.  It's that game of can I really meet a submission deadline and could something I write be worth it?

I won't know for some time if it was worth it ... to them.  It was worth it to me. 


It was worth it to me because my kids saw me working hard at something that is important to me. 

That's one of our things over here at the Fun House.  We have a loose rule over here about everyone finding their things and then working at them.  It is important for the kids to see their parents working hard at their goals and dreams as well as seeing each other working hard. 

So the kids know, mom works at writing.  Mom works hard at writing.  Mom gives up other things to accomplish goals she sets with her writing. 

It's not easy to choose to set an example.  It's not easy to do the actual hard work.

Last night meeting my goal was hard.  I wanted to quit.  I wanted to give up and go to bed.  I got frustrated with my lack of tech savvy and hit a wall.  Literally. 

This morning when I came downstairs to my trashed house--cleaning and writing do not happen at the same time--my kids were already up.  While they were making their lunches and wolfing down their breakfasts, I came down the hallway.  Collectively they stopped, turned to me and asked, "Mom?  Did you make it?  Did you get your story in on time?  Did you do it?"

I wasn't even sure they had been fully aware of what I was doing other than I keep pushing them off saying mommy has to finish this!  I knew they knew I was working on something, but I didn't think they were paying close attention to it. 

Guess they were.

And that's why I kept working last night when I wanted to quit. 

Because they were watching to see if I would do the hard thing or quit.

Can I tell you a little secret?

Doing the hard things is hard, but it's rewarding too.