Monday, March 7, 2011


I've blogged before a little about my need to landmark my life on my body.  Some people do tattoos and some journal it.  Some people scrap book or blog it.  Some pierce.  I sort of do a combination of things. 

A piercing for me is a landmark.  Pretty straight forward.

Mine are all ears right now.

My first ones were the passage into the individual.  I was young and becoming a teen and it was a part of making my identity. 

My piercings are still about my identity.

My next set was in my early 20's.  It was about independence and choices and still questing to be who I would one day become.

My third set marked a remembrance and a survival.  A miscarriage of twins.

My fourth set was just a year ago and marked the adoption of my daughter, Little Miss.

This fifth, is a single pierce and marks many things. 

It marks the giving up of Little One after 2 years in my arms and dreaming of adopting both him and his two sisters.  It marks the witness of doing the right thing and sending him to a forever home that is not mine.  It marks survival of a car wreck that probably should have taken me.  It marks new and renewed relationships.  It marks my first novel.  It marks 40 years of journey.

So those are the tales of my markings.

For now.

The silver one, closest to my face is the one I had done today.