Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Poetry Workshop At Our House

7 Poems by 6 People
****the names have been left off to protect the innocent****

How To Be Rich

if you want to be rich go snitch
on a boy named Titch
if you snitch on a boy
named Titch
and itch his cousin Rich
you could be rich


secrets in the dark
a mind full
how to say it
when to say it
who even cares
can the world even see
the secrets that become?
from a place that is deep
a search of the soul
a place that can't be
but who knows
why should it matter
but it does
well it should
it's a place in you
it's a place that exists
its real



Words, elegant and strong
beautiful and intense
laced with meaning

Words, confusing and maddening
illogical and meandering
often misunderstood

Defend words with your life,
such a first love
too precious to forget
too valuable to corrupt

Love words with all your life
through out your life
let each experience wash over
you like waves on the shore
swimming out deeper and
deeper until consumed
unable to breath

Words, gift of love
from my first love
for my only love



pink is bubble gum
pink is buggers
pink is awesomeness
pink is stupid and weird
pink is ugly
the end


A place in the soul so dark and so raw
hurts to admit because it shouldn't be
the secret that may not be so secret
a broken piece
the scar that remains from past and present pain
where does the line lay
the line that shouldn't be crossed
never picture perfect
but rather what is
pieces of a puzzle that are lost or misplaced
color in what can't be found
dark or bright
you choose
love those who love you
let them in
into the dark
hard to do because it shouldn't be
why does it count
why does it matter
its a soul that rocks
good and bad
smiles and laughs but cries and hurts
lay it out be brave
can't fix what isn't known


the ocean
the ocean
stay in the water of the ocean
in the sea
there's calms in the water
and some fish in it
those fish in the water are pink
there's pink fish in the water


mothers and daughters-sacred-destructive
pushing and pulling
as always as the tides
as constant as the sunset and moonrise

the girl child dances destruction
ripping a hole through my soul
completing me, destroying me,
making me, annoying me

years and days pile on and peal away
tight together
like newborn to breast
first loves or friends at their best
searing and tearing
ripping and flowing
and growing

all together complete
the push pull
round and round
makes the solid life cycle
stark and ever constant
like evolving season

the girl child becomes a woman beast
born to be another mother
the cycle, the circle
dented, bent and unbroken

she is me and I am her
in the mirror, in our fear
in our choices, our voices

sometimes reflection, sometimes
distorted refraction
splintered, shattered but still held tight
in the frame

striving searching longing
for the mother approval
a splintered pride
a tear drop of affirmation

daughters and mothers
each disgruntled with the other
by the other
accepting, conceding
giving and receiving
in spite of each other,
in spite of themselves