Friday, April 8, 2011

Something New For Most Of You, Sadly

spoken word poetry
something to rock your soul open
on a dreary friday

there are so many amazing poets out there it was really hard to pick just one

i picked this one because i thought it would be the least offensive but sometimes that's the most incredible power of any written work is it's utter power to incite, to excite, to awaken


this is a simple polite blog read by many(at least in my mind)  who like their readings and thoughts and lives to be neat and clear and crisp white linen clean or baby toe pink pure

my life is not like that
it is   dirty and stained and worn
scraped off and rubbed raw in places
and not in the christian craft project pretty old country chic sort of way

it's real dirt and scars
its not drama to be played out on a big screen sermon
it's praise God private moments
it's tears in the shower
it's kneeling prayer, face down on my closet floor
to later visit the world with a shining face not one that betrays my private fasting

i hope in a way, you're wrecked this friday afternoon
ripped open and laid bare
raw for the world to rush in like a wave washing over the shore line
sweeping out to sea good and bad
pure raw power
something to stand in awe of
i hope the ripple of words
takes your breath away