Monday, May 23, 2011

So I've heard a silly little rumor that my writing has been missed, and if ever there is a way to tweak my heart, that is it.  Writing is a little bit of a soft spot in my soul. 

So here you go.  A short, or as short as I get in my own wordy way, update of where I've been for a month or so.

Mostly, I've just been busy and enjoying my life.  It's insane crazy busy, but I love it this way.  There are hard, ugly snags.  No doubt about it.  Life generally isn't easy, but it can be really really good if you let it. 

So what have we been doing? 


I've read a lot of books. 
I took a glorious vacation to Las Vegas.  Oh, man.  Glorious indeed.  Believe it or not, Vegas was peaceful.  I read.  I napped.  I swam.  I showered, uninterrupted, in a most glorious shower.  I can't even begin.  I drank.  I ate, extravagantly.  Oh man, did I eat. 

Anyway, back to where we are.

Well, basically it's baseball season.  This is the first year with a kid on a select team, so it pretty much means we live baseball around here.  Plus 3 out of 6 in our family are huge Brewer fans and baseball fans in general.  Even those of us who aren't die-hards really enjoy the game. 

In other boring news we've gone back to "the diet".  It was time for some of my kids and frankly, for the big people too.  Basically we eat fresh.  Nothing from a box or can.  No sugar.  No grains.  Fruits, veggies and meat.  We're all feeling better already.

I'm personally on a couple of  "quests".  I've been trying to "move" every day.  I've gone walking almost every day since we started.  It's more of a sanity thing than a health or exercise thing.  I've started going to tae kwon do with the kids instead of just watching.  And I even took the kids roller skating.  Total confession--it was fun.  I forgot how much of an 80's kid I really am.  The roller rink was the place to be.  Air Supply and a disco ball.  Oh yeah.

In a half-assed way I almost thought about having a 40th birthday party at Skateland....hmmm.

What else am I doing?  I'm reading a lot.  I think I've read around 6 books in the last month.

I'm doing mom things with my kids.

I'm trying to pull my house together so we can be ready for the next foster kids.

I'm thinking about setting up summer for my kids although they've requested a "summer off".  They just want to have the summer to themselves to do whatever they want.  Guess it means a pool pass and a whole load of grace and saying, yeah, sure, lets go, lets do. 

I'm embracing a certain amount of my vanity.  Making peace with 40 that's creeping up on me.  I'm getting ready to suck every last ounce of life out of my summer because summer is my season.  Everything about summer rocks me.  Fall is comfort to me, a tucking in, but summer, Mmmm, summer. 

It's going to be a summer of theme songs and photos and parties.  It's going to be filled with walks and captured moments and sunsets.  Maybe even a sunrise.  There will be black nights with stars and moonlight bright nights.  There will be laughter.  Summer is laughter.  I'm sure sunburn will happen.  There will be toes in the sand and road trips.  A life time lived full out in a few short weeks of sunlight.

The birthday season is about to engulf me and I'm ignoring it.  We are turning 9, 5 and 13 in that order.  Then when everyone heads back to school I'll pass another decade and turn 40.  I'm thinking it's going to be all good.

Ok, you greedy blog readers, I hope this scratches your itch for a day or two.