Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Technologically Challenged, Episode 1

I have an iPhone.  I am barely able to operate it.  In the first month I managed to delete all the apps off it.  Twice. 

It's been brought to my attention that I don't deserve technology such as this.


It's true.  I don't.  I can barely operate most things that plug in, glow or use a battery.  That said, I really like them.  I enjoy what they give me when I can make them go.  The rest of the time, when they frustrate me, I really want to throw them into the road and run them over with my bus, but whatever.

So here's what happened this week.

I took Little Miss to school Monday morning.  I was a little off, I'll admit.  I had basically been off the routine for two whole weeks. 

After I got her settled into her classroom I started my walk back through school, across the play ground and out to the far end of the parking lot to my bus.  As I'm walking through the parking lot, I keep thinking to myself, I hear music.  I'm walking along looking into cars trying to see where the music is coming from and all the cars are empty, but I still hear the music. 

I got all the way to my own car before I realized the music was coming out of my own pocket and meant my phone was ringing. 

Yup.  I don't deserve it.  It's technology wasted. 

PS.  My friend--yup, I know you're reading too!--thought it was hysterical that I didn't know my own pocket was ringing.

Maybe I should have someone change my ring tone to say something like, "Hey Jen, this is your phone making the noise.  Answer it all ready, or don't you know how?"