Friday, July 29, 2011

Bet You Wish These Two Were Your Friends Too!

I'm lucky.  I'm blessed.  I have more than a handful of 20-somethings in my life and being mere weeks away from 40, I'm going to say it twice.  They bless me.  They delight me.  I enjoy them.  They keep me from being old beyond my age and it makes me happy.

Today I'm going to blab about two of them. 

They are both amazing women.  I came to know them each on their own and later discovered, to my great delight, that they are friends.  Good friends.  The kind of friends with shared history and shared experiences.  Over the years, they have leaned on each other and supported each other and encouraged each other.  Their time together is colored over and washed through with inside jokes and seemingly endless laughter and smiles.  Genuine laughter and smiles. 

Both are what I would call curvy girls and both are incredibly beautiful.  They have come through the hell of teen years to see themselves for what they are, gorgeous women.  They know how to rock what they got and believe me, they do it with style.  Each has her own style and each has the confidence to really wear it perfectly and proudly.

These women are survivors.  They have histories and stories they could tell if you ever made it into their inner circles.  They've more then felt the sting of life and it's  unfairness.  They've been on the wrong side of harsh and unwarranted judgement more than once and yet they still live full of grace.  I'm not saying they never have a down moment or a bitter day, but their lives, their very outlooks on life are clothed in a joy that is utterly infectious.

Neither one of these women have had a journey up to this point in their lives that I would call peer typical, but that hasn't stopped or hindered them.  It's enhanced them.  Their journeys to where they are and where they are going to have had some twists and detours that not everyone else has had, but it suits them perfectly.  As 20-somethings, these two have it more together in their lives than a large amount of the people I know with decades more life lived.  Their path is part of what makes them interesting. 

The last thing I'm going to tell you about them is a little more about the power of their friendship.  They have one of those friendships you see in the movies.  They become friends, they live a bunch of life together.  They drift apart a bit, then come together again. They have had the drama moments, they joy moments, the "I've got your back moments" and the grace of it all, the beauty of it all, is that there is great space in their togetherness. 

They are not the kind of friends that have to spend all their time together.  They don't talk every week and do something every weekend.  Sometimes it's months before they touch base again, but then, it's like no time has passed.  They are able to pick up where they left off.  Those are the very best kinds of friends.  They each know the other is dependable and loyal and true and only a phone call away. 

I love these two 20-somethings in my life.  They are fun and alive and interesting.  They are genuine and loyal and kind.  They are joyful and honest and deep.  I like that in a person and I like them.  A lot.

So there you are ladies, a blog about you.  I hope you can easily see yourselves now through the lens I see you through. 

For the rest of you, stop shaking your heads and get some 20-somethings in your life.  They're a good thing.