Monday, August 15, 2011

A Request

I don't often ask for help, but today I am.

On Thursday morning I am sending Chicklet off to school.  This is a long sought after dream come true.  This is a proving ground for her.  It is something she has wanted for years and never until this season believed she would be able to have. 

Doubts and lies and self-esteem issues have clouded her vision and pushed her off her goal of attending college, this specific college, for a number of years. 

This morning, just days away from the big send off, I come asking.  Asking you for prayers and maybe even favors, maybe even huge, enormous God size favors.

Out of respect for Chicklet I will not bore you with the details. 

I want to add here, that this, going to this school, is something that she has completely surrendered over to God.  Has from the very start of filling in the initial applications.  She knows God will do His will here in this situation, but we also know that taking those steps in faith also requires action on our part, and sometimes not alone.  She is digging her ditches and waiting for the water to come.

Please, please contact me privately if you can help, prayer or otherwise.