Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Eats

September is the start of the returning for me to fall foods. It is a return to all the "good stuff" and crock pots.

Fall is casseroles and baked yummy things.  It's soup and apples and turkey. 

Fall is coffee and tea and cider. 

I love to cook with apples and pears and squash.  I love all different kinds of soups and anything that cooks all day long in my crock pot and that smell filling the house.

Something about fall cooking is warmth and home and comfort.  It's different from the crisp cooking of spring flavors or the casual on the go summer cook out flavors.  Fall is slow and flavor intensity.

One of my favorite fall offerings is any soup made mainly of squash but with a touch of something sharp or sweet to it. A creamy butternut squash soup with some hot peppers in it or a pumpkin soup with tart apples and rich nuts.

What's your favorite fall soup or crock pot dish?