Monday, September 12, 2011

Memory Lane

The September theme of the NaBloPoMo is Return and the thought for today is a return to a childhood bed room.

Good or bad, I've had quite a few bedrooms in my 40 years now, so I tried to think about which one was my favorite or maybe the one that was the most "me".

I think it was my room in my house in Cedarburg when I was in high school. 

That was sort of a teenage girls dream room.  I think at one time it had been the master bed room in that house, but when we lived there my parents took a room on the first floor. 

It was the room that I was able to make mine.  In some of our other homes we really we're staying long, so we never really painted or decorated.  This time, we just did it, staying or not.

My room was a sort of cotton candy pink.  My bed spread was rainbows and clouds, but in a pastel shade.  I had shelves on the walls with all my Barbie dolls and other knick knacks.  I had room for a desk and my stereo. 

My closet was big and I had two windows.  It was a corner room and each of the outside walls had a window.  One over the garage and one looking out over the pool.  It was a sweet room.

I had full sunlight most of the day in that room.  I think that was the room that I ripped the carpet out of too and found hard wood floor under it.  (I hate carpet.  I think all carpet is evil.) 

Funny how we duplicate the things in our lives that we love.  One of the houses in my past that I loved was my grandma and grandpa's house in Mequon.  In my little girl mind and memories, that was the perfect home, big and amazing and beautiful. 

In my adult life, I bought and live in a house that is so similar it makes me take those memory flashbacks all the time.  The master bed room in this house is again, similar, almost the same one I had in my high school house.  It's funny how we do that to ourselves.  We pick the familiar over and over.  We pick the things that remind us of the good stuff.

So there you have it, a trip through memory lane.  A return to homes past.  Start blogging friends, tell us about that special room from your past or present or leave us a note in the comments.