Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Hair

Yeah, I'm actually going to write about my hair.  It's a nice fluffy non-issue to blog about on a seriously blustery day and there are only two more days left in the September NaBloPoMo challenge.  Frankly, I'm tired of the theme, but it's because I have a seriously short attention span. 

So anyway, about the hair. 

I have a flip attitude about hair and apparently some form of hair ADD.  I'm blessed with hair that is healthy and grows like crazy, therefore, I am very flip about hair and hair styles and generally all things hair.  I am able to just say go for it, because after all, it's hair.  It's not a big deal in life and it grows back, so who cares!  Live a little and have some fun.  Add to the flip attitude the fact that I get bored easily and you have the making of hair ADD. I just enjoy changing it up.  It's fun to reinvent your look.

People are funny about it though.  They say things that make you wonder about their honest opinions and it makes me laugh on the inside.  A lot. 

I'll admit.  I made a drastic change today.  I went from summer's light,light blond to a deep dark reddish black.  I'd call it Goth, but I hear that's not a thing anymore, plus it would reveal my inner '80's girl.  Hee hee.  It's dark.  It's edgy.  I love it.  My kids love it. 

Take a look and judge for yourself.  Maybe you'll react like one of my friends.  She said, "Wow, so, are you happy with how it came out?" with a nice air of disbelief.  It made me laugh.  I like her a lot and she meant nothing mean by it, but her shock was showing! 

Before--the "summer" look.

After--the "dark, edgy" look.

See you in the comments!