Thursday, September 15, 2011

Store Returns

Today's prompt in the September NaBloPoMo challenge is about store returns. 

I'm not sure if this makes me a good shopper or a lazy consumer, but I rarely return anything.  Even when I'm not all that happy with the thing, I generally just keep it and make it work somehow for something. 

There are only two things I can remember returning lately and honestly I only actually returned one of them. 

The thing I returned was a pair of shoes for Little Miss. 

I was shopping in a hurry as always, and didn't even have her with me.  At her age I can still just buy the size and they will normally be fine for her to wear.  I didn't check though to be sure that both shoes in the box were the same size.  Neither did the check out person.  Later at home I found the mistake.  I took them back but had to go to another store to actually get the shoes.

The last thing that was returned for one of my accounts was actually returned by Chicklet.  Myself and Miss Gigi, the other oldest Peep, took Chicklet shopping this summer to get her what she needed to go to school.  It was quite the adventure and I can honestly say it's the first time I've ever filled to over flowing 3 carts at a Target!!  Anyway, we got her an allergy cover for her mattress in the dorm, thinking it would help with her allergies and asthma issues, but it turned out that the college mattresses are now a sort of vinyl to begin with, so it wasn't really needed.  Chicklet returned it for me up there at her "new" Target.

Those are the last two things I've returned. Pretty boring.  It's cause I live such a wild crazy life.

What's the last thing you've returned?