Saturday, October 1, 2011

In Betweens

Some of the In Betweens in my life right now.

The insane weather.  I like it here in Wisconsin, believe it or not.  I don't love to shovel, but there is an odd peace even in that.  I do like that it changes with the seasons and even daily.  What I don't enjoy is this sort of menopausal weather we have right now.  It swings in the course of a day from very cool 30's to mid 60's, even higher sometimes, then back into the low numbers.  Add in a split personality version of pouring rain combined with bright sunlight and you have the weather right now.  It's not my favorite simply because it's so In Between.

The Little Mr.  He's 13.  What else is there to say.  He lives in the In Between right now.  He's a kid.  He's a teen.  He's too cool for that.  He still wants to play with this.  Soon enough we'll be on the other side of this In Between but then we'll be beginning it with the next child in line.

Little T is In Between.  He's part time with us and part time at home.  It's very much like a split custody from a divorce.  He's a really sweet little guy and we all love having him around.

We as a family are In Between with kids.  It seems like another little person may start joining us soon.  It'll be very much like Little T but the opposite.  He'll be with us on the weekends for a while. 

I am In Between pants sizes.  A nice thing as it's going a size down, but a drag to always be hiking them up.

Our school weeks are busy and our weekends In Between are often just as busy.  Sometimes even more so. 

Our dog seems as though she may be getting closer to being In Between this life and the next. 

I am In Between the planning of the next novel and the starting of the actual writing.  My ideas are fermenting.  Yeah, I know, it should probably be something nicer like incubating or germinating or percolating, but with me, it's a lot more like spawning or mutating.  Ah well, fun is fun!

What are you In Between these days?