Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Part Two---The Out Takes

  • Why are you sniffing that?
  • You brought your innocence to the wrong party.
  • It's not even 5PM yet!
  • She has poop! Nope, it's ice.
  • There is too much nudity in this Thanksgiving.
  • I might become violent with you.
  • Is 'eh' a word?
  • Where's my Bible?
  • God has ear wax.
  • I just peed myself.
  • When did that happen?
  • How do you know his light saber is purple?
  • Even when I'm this drunk you love me.
  • I had no idea it was me.
  • I have a story...
  • It's always been the charging rhino that wins until you threw plumbers crack at me!
  • Do not wake up another human being!
  • If I have to go down the steps again I'm going to puke.
  • That was the worst movie ever.
  • Don't leave me!!
  • 18 eggs should be enough for 7 kids, huh? It wasn't?
  • I forgot to add the milk.
  • Fun size, Epic, The B.S.card.
  • Rule #1 No playing with your pants off.
  • Rule #2 Stay off the pole.
  • Rule #3 Keep your shirt down.
  • I found a green M&M in my cami this morning....

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