Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wish I Could Eat My Words

Sometimes things are just hard.

This seems to be one of those kinds of weekends.

I wish I could chalk it all up to some great big horrible event, but it's just the pile up of the life we live.  Some parts of it are hard.

Transitions are hard.  Especially hard on kids.  Sometimes there is grace and it all goes easy.  Sometimes there are hard words and hurt hearts and it goes rough. None of my kids are easy ones.  Sometimes all their hard hits the fan at the same time.

Some of it is just the new.  Mr. Monkey is the oldest kid we've ever tried to transition into our lives, but he's also quite young and unexposed.  He is truly learning how to be around people. That's a tremendous challenge to ask my "adjusted" kids to handle.

There are lots of other raw feelings around here and for me it's double hard.  Those hurt feelings come from the outcome of the sharpness of my tongue.  I spoke yesterday out of my own pain instead of my brain or thought for others and the cost was enormous.

Words are not always my friends.


rufers54 said...

Oh how I can relate to your pain.

rufers54 said...
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