Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cards & Letters

This is the season.  Cards and letters fill up the mail box.

Or some people's mail boxes.

Ours stays empty. Deservedly so.

I only get on the Christmas card band wagon every 5 years or so.  If you don't send them, you don't receive them.

Now before you get all flustered thinking I'm upset about this, I'm not.

In the "modern" world of constant connections and communications, I feel like, Christmas cards? Who needs 'em.

We are all so connected with each other these days thanks to social media, we know way more about each other than we really need too.  Everyone can see every one's pictures of everything minutes after it happens.  Plus, in case no one noticed, cards and postage aren't cheap anymore.

I do have to touch on Christmas letters though, especially after the question in Dear Abby this morning. The question was basically, I like to send the brag letter each year and this year I have a problem.  Kid X is in jail due to complications with his addictions.  How do I write my brag letter and say good things about my other kids, but not tell everyone our dirty laundry?


Dear Abby answers nicely, because she is nice and always answers nicely.  That's her job.  It's not mine.

I'm thinking, really? If you have to even ask, you shouldn't be writing the letter.

In a way, cause I have a weird sickness I guess, I enjoy those letters.  Especially if I know the family well.  I love to see the spin.  I love to see how we weave a best case scenario story for the world.  It's fun.

What's the most outrageous Holiday letter you've ever gotten?  Care to share on your blog and leave a link in the comments?  Share the best excerpts in comments?

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Kathy said...

The only time I ever sent a "brag" letter out at Christmas was when I did a parody brag letter. I have an aunt who sends them out every year and then she even ghost writes one for her adult son. I was thinking about doing the parody brag letter again this year, but I'm still trying to figure out how to make it funny.

I don't like to send Christmas cards because it is such a chore to make them out.